At least one of the three new iPhones allegedly coming later in 2019 is expected to feature three rear cameras, and now a photo uploaded this morning to Chinese social network Weibo suggests that three rear lenses will be arranged in a triangular configuration.

Assuming its legit, the photograph appears to picture a metal rear chassis with markings that resemble a housing for three camera lenses. As noted by MacRumors, this isn’t the first time we saw suspected images showing a triple-lens configuration for a future iPhone model.

A triple-lens design also appears on this claimed iPhone XI schematics

Last week, Slashleaks published a curious photograph, which you can see embedded above, while in January serial smartphone leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer tweeted out renderings of the supposed 2019 iPhone model with a square camera bulge on its back apparently housing three lenses, LED flash and a microphone, as seen right below.

Hopefully, Jony Ive would never approve such a horrible design

Apple won’t be the first maker to release a phone with more than two rear cameras. The latest Galaxy S10 devices and some LG phones sport triple-lens cameras. On top of that, Samsung’s Galaxy A9 and some Huawei Mate phones offer four-camera systems.

For what it’s worth, Hemmerstoffer acknowledges that this is a “freakingly early leak” and plans may change before the design is finalized. A few days ago, he also tweeted out another eyebrow-raising image depicting an upcoming Motorola phone with four rear cameras.

Motorola is prepping its first phone with four rear cameras

But why stop at four lenses? According to MySmartPrice and leaker Evan Blass, one of Nokia’s upcoming smartphones may actually feature five cameras on the back. Sen below is an allegedly leaked launch video of the device showing this unique five-lens Zeiss camera setup.

All five cameras apparently take an image at once, combining the pixels into one shot that sports ten times more light, crisp HDR and “incredible texture and detail.”

As for the triple-lens iPhone rumors, they date as far back as April 2018 but have since been corroborated by major outlets like Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal. A third camera could enhance your iPhone photography with a wider optical zoom range, enhanced low-light performance and a larger field of view.

A more believable rendering of a triple-lens iPhone

Do you care about companies rushing to add multiple-camera setups fo their phones? And what new photography features do you expect, if any, from a triple-lens iPhone?

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