The Electra Team released an updated version of the iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak tool on Friday, bringing it up from version 1.0.4, which was released last week, to version 1.0.5 with some notable bug fixes and improvements.

A Tweet was shared via the Electra Team’s official Twitter account early this morning to announce the update:

From what we can gather, the new Chimera jailbreak tool update brings the following changes:

Chimera v1.0.5

– Resolves an issue where the Mail app wouldn’t send email

– Resolves an issue where the Chimera app would black screen at step 2

– Attempts to resolve an A12(X)-based Camera bug

– Improves the Chimera app’s jailbreaking success rate

– Adds the machswap2 exploit for A12(X) devices

– Installs Sileo version 1.0.6 by default

If you’re already using an older version of the Chimera jailbreak tool, then it would be in your best interest to re-jailbreak with the latest version to ensure that you can take advantage of the latest bug fixes and improvements.

Chimera version 1.0.5 can be downloaded from the official Chimera website and need only be side-loaded onto your device and deployed to update the jailbreak.

Note: If you’re having problems jailbreaking with the Chimera tool, then some recently-released advice from Electra Team lead developer CoolStarmay be able to help.

How are the latest Chimera updates treating you? Let us know by dropping a comment describing your experience below.