Late last year, United Kingdom broadcaster Channel 4 released a tvOS app for its "All 4" on-demand streaming service, allowing viewers to stream the channel’s shows for free on Apple TV. This week, the All 4 app updated with integration for Apple’s TV app, meaning that all of the shows that users watch in the All 4 app will sync in their Up Next queue in the TV app.

All 4 shows will also appear as part of recommendations in the TV app now, making it much easier as a whole for viewers to keep track of their show binges within the TV app. The All 4 tvOS app is not available in the United States at this time.

Channel 4 is the home of many well-known shows like The Great British Bake Off, the UK version of Big Brother, the original Black Mirror, Misfits, and The IT Crowd. It also hosts a few imported series like Community, 30 Rock, and The Goldbergs. To gain access to these shows and movies, all users need to do is create and sign into a free My4 account.

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