Best answer: No. There is more than one size of Zink paper, so you’ll need to make sure you pick up the 2 by 3-inch size for the Polaroid Mint Camera and Printer.

Get the right Zink paper

Zink paper isn’t produced by Polaroid directly, but rather by a company called Zink Holdings. They license their Zink paper to companies such as Polaroid and Canon, so it can be slightly confusing to make sure you have the right kind of Zink paper. Polaroid even sells a few different versions of Zink paper, and if you get the wrong one, it won’t work with the Polaroid Mint Camera and Printer.

The Polaroid Mint Camera and Printer, for example, uses the 2-by-3-inch Zink paper, which features a sticky back, that allows you to turn your photos into stickers after printing. Just make sure you have the right size of Zink paper before you hit that buy button and you’ll be good to go!

Doesn’t use ink

These 2 by 3-inch sheets of photo paper don’t use any ink, but rather are heat activated. Without getting too technical, each piece of paper has a layer of heat sensitive crystal, that when exposed to a different amount of heat change pigments allow photos to be printed. This means you don’t have to waste money on ink cartridges or refills, because the paper itself is the ink, pretty cool huh?

Due to the heat sensitivity of the paper, it’s important to make sure you don’t leave the paper exposed to heat, so make sure you don’t store them in the sun.

The Mint Camera and Printer not for you? Check out some other instant cameras that also use Zink paper.

The Paper

Zink Zero Photo Paper (30 Pack)

$15 at Amazon

Print and stick anywhere

Polaroid’s Zink Zero Photo Paper delivers bright and vibrant instant prints that are sure to make any photo pop once it’s printed. The Sticky-backed paper even allows you to peel the back of your photos and stick them anywhere allow you to decorate almost anything with your favorite photos.

The Camera

Polaroid Mint Instant Camera and Printer

$100 at Amazon

Point, shoot, print!

The Polaroid Mint Instant Camera and Printer is an instant camera that allows you to shoot and print your images in a flash. With a built-in flash and a few editing options on the free Polaroid app, it’s easy to make fun pint-size photos anywhere you go. Plus, you can also use the printer to print out your favorite shots on your smartphone via the app as well.

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