Best answer: It depends on the screen protector. The Catalyst Waterproof case is pretty snug and a thicker tempered glass screen protector may interfere with the fit of the Catalyst case. We recommend the Maxboost tempered glass screen protector as your best bet. In all honesty, you don’t need a screen protector at all when you have a Catalyst case.

A thin screen protector could work

If you’re really adamant about using a screen protector with the Catalyst Waterproof Case, you’ll need to ensure it’s really thin to achieve the best results.

A film screen protector is likely thin enough that it won’t cause any problems, but tempered glass screen protectors vary in thickness a lot. If you want a glass screen protector, get the thinnest one you can find and you probably won’t have any issues. We recommend the Maxboost tempered glass screen protector, which is only 0.25mm thick and has an open-edge design so that it’s compatible with a lot of phones.

The important thing is if you want the Catalyst case to do its job properly, it needs to fit snug on your phone. If it feels like it doesn’t want to fit with a screen protector on, don’t force it; remove your screen protector and try something else.

Do you need a screen protector with the Catalyst Waterproof Case?

It’s important to remember that the Catalyst Waterproof Case is a heavy duty case on its own. It’s drop-protected to a height of 6.6 feet and it already comes with a protective layer that covers the screen. The case should be more than enough protection to get by your average day-to-day routine, and the built-in screen cover does a pretty good job of preventing scratches on the screen.

Thin screen protector

Maxboost tempered glass screen protector (3-pack)

$14 at Amazon

Thin tempered glass

The Maxboost screen protector is made from tempered glass and is incredibly thin at only 0.25mm thickness compared to other options. It also sports an open-edge design to make it compatible with your favorite case.

Get your case

Catalyst Waterproof case

Strong, no-frills protection in a slim case.

Without adding a lot of bulk, the Catalyst Waterproof case keeps your iPhone safe from water, dust, and drops, while still feeling great in your hand and providing complete access to all of your iPhone’s important functions.

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