Originally landing back in May 2018, Camera+ 2 built on the popular original with a whole host of new features and improvements like Photo Library integration, a number of manual control features, and much more. And the app has just received its most substantial update in version 2.0.

The update focuses on the camera portion of the app. As iPhone photography continues to improve, there are more settings and other features that users can take advantage of.

And the updated app is looking to make finding all of those easier. All of the related items are grouped into three categories – Presets, Shutter Modes, and Settings.

Options in Presets, Shutter Modes, and Settings can be selected independently from each other to help capture that perfect image.

One of the best features of Camera+ 2 is the revamped Lightbox.

All photos taken with the app will appear in the Lightbox to edit and sort. But like the previous version, you don’t need to import other images from your library. Just select Photo Library and you can manage and editor those images directly in the app.

Designed for both the iPhone and all iPad models, Camera+ 2 is available to download now on the App Store for $2.99.