Almost a buy two, get one free sort of situation.

Individual Amazon Fire tablets are already a great value, but right now if you want to buy three you can save even more. This deal applies to all three sizes in all available colors. You can even mix and match the colors if you want.

The Fire 7 tablet goes for $49.99 by itself, but if you add three to your shopping cart, you’ll see a $40 discount during checkout dropping the total price to $109.97. Amazon even has a product page featuring the Fire 7 in a series of variety packs with different color combinations and all the prices are $109.97. This way you can buy three black tablets or buy a blue, red, and yellow one

With the Fire HD 8 tablet you can save $60 buying three together. That’s a total price of $179.97 versus a regular price of $240. While you can pick and choose the colors you want, there are also variety packs for the HD 8 as well.

The Fire HD 10 has the best value with $120 in savings. Considering an individual HD 10 tablet costs $149.99, you’re saving almost the full cost of a single tablet by buying three for $329.97.

Whether you just want to combine all three screens and make a big MegaTablet to fight crime in your spare time or you want to give one or two away as gifts, this is a unique deal that won’t last forever. Take advantage of these discounts while you can.

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