This week we mangle music with Bleass Delay, take notes from our wrists with Google Keep, quickly save all our Safari tabs to links, and more. So, so good!

Google Keep – Notes and lists

Keep it on your wrist with Google Keep Apple Watch app.
Keep it on your wrist.
Photo: Cult of Mac

The latest version of Google Keep adds support for the Apple Watch. Now your favorite Google scrapbooking app — which surely doesn’t take any of your saved notes and use them for privacy-invading purposes — can be accessed from your wrist.

Existing notes can be viewed as cards. Plus, you can quickly take new notes via voice or scribbling. Or you can use an emoji, although that’s likely to leave you scratching your head later, trying to work out exactly what you were supposed to remember.

Price: Free

Download: Google Keep – Notes and lists from the App Store (iOS)

Bleass Delay AUv3 Audio Plugin

Bleass Delay is a delay effect plugin for music apps like AUM and GarageBand. But it doesn’t just repeat the last thing you played like an echo. It’s more of a repeat-based instrument in its own right, with filters, a phaser and pitch shifters in addition to the delay effects.

Price: $2.99

Download: Bleass Delay AUv3 Audio Plugin from the App Store (iOS)

Tabs to Links

Turn your Safari tabs into links with the Tabs to Links app.
Turn your Safari tabs into links.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Tabs to Links does exactly what you think it does. It takes the open tabs in Safari on your Mac, and turns them into links.

That’s handy enough — it’s a great way to save all the research links for a project, or just to keep everything so you can finally close that Safari window. But the app also will perform some tricks, like cleaning up the URLs to strip them of anything not in the actual page title, for instance.

Price: $2.99

Download: Tabs to Links from the App Store (Mac)


PolyPhase even looks cool.
PolyPhase even looks cool.
Photo: Cult of Mac

This iOS app generates music automatically, playing it using a built-in synth or sending it to other apps via MIDI. PolyPhase creates an ever-evolving master track, and three more tracks offer customizable variations on the the theme. The result is very musical, and it’s a perfect way for musicians to get inspiration.

Price: $10.99

Download: PolyPhase from the App Store (iOS)

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