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If you have been reading here since late last year, you know I am getting twitchy waiting for Apple to release their refreshed AirPods. I lost mine last Summer and there were enough rumors that a small refresh that would feature wireless charging and Hey Siri support would be coming by the Fall that I held off replacing them. This was in early August, so it wouldn’t be that long, right?

That didn’t happen, but then there were rumors of a release along with the new iPhones. I could hold out that long. Then again with the new iPad Pros. Again, no show. I was close to pulling the trigger right before Christmas when the latest rumors started. I was tired of waiting, but why not hold out just a little longer and get the latest and greatest. This time around the rumors seem to finally have some legs, and the reports that the AirPower is also in production may mean that Apple is FINALLY ready to send the new AirPods out into the world.

Now we have a fresh report from Taiwanese site Economic Daily Times that the new AirPods won’t just have a few new features. Apple will also have a new color option- matte black. Yes. Please take my money right now. While I was fine with my original AirPods in white, black will be a little more subtle while wearing them. I would also much prefer an AirPods case in black, as the glossy white model highlighted both dirt and scratches.

I included a picture of Colorware’s Space Gray version of the current AirPods to give you an idea of what may be coming. However, a factory matte black finish from Apple will blow that away. Not only that, but they will just run you the standard retail price, rather than the super-premium $349 that Coloeware’s custom AirPods will set you back.

Now it’s just a question of when. Will the new AirPods show up at Apple’s coming event? Will they arrive after? In a quiet press release along with the AirPower? I know one thing for certain. Whenever it is, my money will be paid the moment I hear the news.

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