A new update to the official Twitter app is rolling out to users and is bringing a revamped camera and other big changes.

The most notable new feature is the ability to quickly access the camera in the app. Just swipe left from the timeline to access the camera and snap a photo. Press the capture button for a few seconds to record a video.

Engadget received an early peak at the update and has the scoop on what happens after you capture a picture:

After you take a picture, you’ll see an overlay where you can add your location, text and hashtags. Like a regular tweet, you can type up to 280 characters on it, and you can pick between a few colors to spice it up. Twitter is calling this overlay a chyron, the lower third graphics you’d typically see on a news cast. The precise location, meanwhile, is key to what Twitter is trying to do with its revamped camera — which is to make it easier for people to follow their favorite topics and events.

Images will now also appear larger in the timeline view.

Twitter says that all of the changes should appear in the “next few days.” So you’ll need to be patient.