There’s no tool more important in a gamer’s kit than the controller. It’s the command center for every game you play and every app you use. Some come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and there’s also a good bit of price variance to be had. Whether you broke your Joy-Cons or need extras, these alternatives for the Nintendo Switch will get you playing again for no more than a 20-dollar bill.

Top Quality

HORIPAD Wired Controller

Like many of the controllers on this list, the HORIPAD has to skimp in a couple of areas to come beneath that $20 price point, namely vibration, NFC, and motion controls. We’re still high on it, though, because it’s well built with quality materials for the cost. You can also change the style of the directional pad from individual buttons to a disc design.

$20 at Amazon

Immerse Yourself

Rii Wired Gaming Controller

Rii somehow manages to include motion and vibration features despite coming in cheaper than most of the controllers on this list. It also features Turbo functionality, textured rubber grips, and a 6.5-foot cable so you have more room when playing.

$19 at Amazon

Wired Up

Nyko Core Controller

Nyko doesn’t have the most capable Switch controller on offer, what with it missing motion controls, NFC compatibility, and vibration. But it has a 10-foot cord, a programmable turbo button, and comes from a solid long-standing brand.

$20 at Amazon


ZD-N Wired Controller

ZD’s line of USB controllers pack in a lot to be as affordable as they are. This Switch model has vibration, motion, and a turbo button, and the former two you can actually disable. Plus, it features a cool design for those who want something that stands out.

$20 at Amazon

Clearly Affordable

Sunjoyco Wired Controller

Sunjoyco offers the cheapest Nintendo Switch controller available at just $18. It has the full range of buttons you need, and that’s about it. That means you won’t be getting rumble or motion controllers, nor can you use your amiibo with it as it doesn’t have NFC. It gets extra brownie points for having a cool design, though.

$18 at Amazon

As you can see, there are several options for buying Nintendo Switch controllers if you don’t have much money to spend. In almost all cases, you’re sacrificing certain elements that can enhance the gaming experience, such as NFC, rumble support, and motion controls. Be sure to look into the capabilities of these controllers closely before purchasing, as they may not offer what you’re looking for. If you can live without the bells and whistles, the HORIPAD is worth checking out. It’s the only controller on this list that was officially licensed by Nintendo, and this company consistently puts out high-quality hardware.

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