Earlier this month, the Apple-owned Beats brand officially debuted a pair of brand new “totally wireless” headphones called the Powerbeats Pro. Designed for those who train, or just prefer the design in general, Beats today has released a video showcasing just how well they hold up while working out.

The new video was uploaded today to the official Beats by Dre YouTube channel. It is just one minute in length, but it includes a variety of different athletes wearing the totally wireless headphones while they train in some capacity or another. The video also includes a brand new song called “Saw Lightning” from the artist Beck, which is now available on Apple Music.

Some of the athletes involved with the ad include Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, world champion Tennis star Serena Williams, competition boulderer Miho Nonaka, Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, and many others.

Here is the video itself:

And the description from Beats:

“With Powerbeats Pro, Simone Biles, Anthony Joshua, Serena Williams, LeBron James, Eden Hazard, Owen Farrell, Ramla Ali, Zoe Smith, Ben Simmons, Odell Beckham Jr., Kevin Rolland, Leticia Bufoni, Miho Nonaka, Shaun White, Alex Morgan, Ruddy Trobillant, and Jasmine Perry are unleashed to push past what is possible.”

If you want to see how the new Powerbeats Pro compare to the new second-generation AirPods, you can click this link. As far as pricing is concerned, the Powerbeats Pro are set at $249.99, so they are definitely more expensive than the AirPods. They do support “Hey Siri” functionality, longer battery life, and other features as well.

They launch in May.

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