Bayonetta is coming back for a third installment with Bayonetta 3. Here’s everything we know about the game so far.

At The Game Awards 2017, Hideki Kamiya and Nintendo revealed the existence of a title that fans of his work have been hoping to see for some time: Bayonetta 3. The details about the game are still scarce and all we’ve seen so far is a teaser trailer, but in the last Nintendo Direct it was confirmed to still be in development.

At the moment, here’s everything we know about Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch:

What is Bayonetta?

Bayonetta is a hack-and-slash action-adventure title that was originally released in 2009 and was followed by a sequel on the Wii U in 2014. It follows the plot of the titular Bayonetta, a witch who is capable of shapeshifting and using her magical hair to attack her enemies. She is also skilled at gunplay. Bayonetta is a member of a faction known as the Umbra Witches and spends the majority of the first game trying to recover her memory after she awakens from a five-hundred-year slumber. As she remembers who she is, she fights angels from the realm of Paradiso and pushes against an evil plan put in place by Balder, a member of the rival faction to the Umbra Witches, the Lumen Sages.

In the second game, when her best friend and fellow Umbra Witch Jeanne is effectively killed and taken to the hellish world of Inferno, Bayonetta sets out to revive and rescue her. In the process, she uncovers yet another nefarious plot to upend the balance of the world.

What’s new in Bayonetta 3?

In truth, we don’t know much at all about Bayonetta 3 just yet. The game was announced in a teaser trailer at The Game Awards 2017 and we haven’t seen any further information since, nor have we seen gameplay. We do know that PlatinumGames is making it just as they did the previous two Bayonetta games and that it will come out exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

The trailer featured some sort of battle between the main character, Bayonetta, and an unknown enemy. In the trailer, Bayonetta’s appearance is similar to how she looked in the original Bayonetta game, and she is using her guns to attack before her bullets are split apart mid-air by her foe. At multiple points in the trailer the screen, Bayonetta’s ribbons, and Bayonetta herself appear to split in two, which seems to have some significance.

Beyond that, all we know is that Bayonetta 3 follows the events of Bayonetta 2. Though we won’t spoil Bayonetta 2 for you, both it and the original Bayonetta are available now on the Nintendo Switch as a bundle, so you can catch up on the events of her story so far.

When can I play?

Bayonetta 3 is planned for launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and has been hinted at by Bill Trinen to be coming out sometime in 2019. It is not yet available for pre-order.

Any questions about Bayonetta 3?

There’s still a lot left to discover about the next Bayonetta game, but if you have a question, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer it!

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