Arlo’s first doorbell helps plug a gap in its product line, finally providing Arlo users with a connected product for the front door. The Arlo Audio Doorbell, however, is considerably less sophisticated than rival products. It doesn’t have a camera, so it occupies a middle ground between a conventional doorbell and a video doorbell.

The Arlo Audio Doorbell features a motion sensor, a speaker, and a microphone, so users are alerted to someone at their door and can speak to them remotely via the Arlo app. But if you want to see your visitors, you’ll also need an Arlo camera.

The basic premise makes sense. If you own an Arlo system, you probably already have a camera facing your front door or porch, so why duplicate that coverage with a video doorbell?

And less sophisticated gear means a lower price: The Arlo Audio Doorbell costs $60, versus $170 for the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and $229 for the Nest Hello.

But there’s a disadvantage, too: By relying on a discrete security camera, rather than one inside the doorbell, your view will be down at an angle (because you’re unlikely to mount an Arlo camera at eye-level, where it could be easily pilfered). So it could be more difficult to make out someone’s face with the Arlo camera.

Also, the Arlo Pro 2’s field of view isn’t quite as wide as some video doorbells. Here’s an image from the Arlo Pro 2 (top) and the Nest Hello. The Nest doorbell sees more of what’s in front of the door than the Arlo camera does.

screenshot 20190204 112331 arlo Martyn Williams/IDG

An image from an Arlo Pro 2 camera.

screenshot 20190204 112459 nest Martyn Williams/IDG

An image from the Nest Hello video doorbell.

If you install an Arlo camera above your front door, this is what your view might look like:

screenshot 20190204 112424 arlo Martyn Williams/IDG

A view from an Arlo Pro 2 camera mounted above a door.

Installing the Arlo Audio Doorbell

The Arlo Audio Doorbell is pretty easy to install. It will run on either two AA batteries or low-voltage AC doorbell wiring. Arlo supplies a couple of batteries in the box along with mounting screws and a small installation booklet.