Apple’s PC Market Share Increased in Q1 2019 Despite Decline in Mac Shipments

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Apr 11, 2019 in Apple News, News

Despite Mac shipments declining in Q1 2019 across the globe, Apple’s market share has actually increased. Data from analytics firms Gartner and IDC both reflect a decline in PC shipments in Q1 2019.

The estimates from both firms differ quite a bit though. As per IDC, the worldwide PC market declined by 3 percent YoY, with Apple coming in fourth and registering a 0.5 percent decline. Despite the decline in Mac shipments from 4.078 million to 4.058 million units, Apple’s market share increased from 6.8% a year ago to 6.9%.

Mac shipments in Q1 2019 IDC

Data from Gartner shows Apple shipping 3.97 million Macs in Q1 2019, down from 4.078 million units a year ago. As per Gartner, Apple captured 6.9 percent of the PC market despite shipping notably fewer Macs. Both firms, however, blamed the CPU supply issues from Intel as the leading reason behind the decline of PC shipments in Q1 2019.

Gartner’s data for the United States points to Apple shipping 1.43 million Mac units and a 13 percent market share — up from 12.6 percent a year ago despite shipping 1.489 million Macs.

Mac sales are usually sluggish during the first quarter of a year. Apple did unveil a refreshed iMac towards the end of Q1, though that is unlikely to have had any major impacts on Mac shipments. The company’s refreshed MacBook lineup while more powerful is riddled with hardware issues and Apple’s lack of acknowledgment towards them are not helping things either.

[Via Gartner, IDC]

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