Apple’s Newest Apple Watch Series 4 Videos Showcase Fall Detection and Heart Health

Posted by Evan Selleck on Apr 11, 2019 in Apple Watch, News

Apple has shared a couple of new videos on its official YouTube channel, both focusing on the Apple Watch Series 4. In this case, it’s about two of the biggest features for the smartwatch: fall detection and heart health.

Both of the videos are short tutorials, and come in at 30 seconds and 35 seconds. The first is all about how to turn on fall detection on the Series 4 Apple Watch. From there, the video goes through the individual steps. Here’s how Apple describes it:

“With fall detection activated, your Apple Watch can contact emergency services for you, if needed.”

And here is the video itself:

The next video is all about notifications for each user’s heart health. This means you can turn on notifications for low and high heart rates, along with irregular heart rhythms as well, letting you know if something is wrong.

“With Apple Watch, you can set up notifications for high and low heart rate, and irregular rhythm.”

And the tutorial:

Both of these features are welcomed additions for the latest iteration of the Apple Watch. There is no doubt that the baked in health features have helped people out in the real world.

Our Take

It’s good that Apple launches these types of tutorial videos, especially considering they are so quick and to the point. Of course, one hopes that the new owner of the Series 4 was made aware of these features while buying the smartwatch. And if they really want to use them, hopefully they turned them on right away.

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