Yesterday, I posted on the latest iPad Mini rumors, saying that the more the reports pick up, the closer we are getting to an announcement event. Well today, BuzzFeed reported that Apple’s Spring Event will take place March 25th, which seems to line up with their dates for Spring events the last two years. This also syncs up with rumors that new hardware will be available on March 29th.

So a month and a half isn’t too bad of a wait for new Apple hardware. Based on all of the recent rumors, this should include the aforementioned iPad Mini, an iPad with an updated design and screen and HOPEFULLY the AirPower and new AirPods. There’s a lot of pent up demand for that last item, so hopefully Apple finally delivers the goods. I know I’m very ready for a new pair.

It looks like hardware won’t be the sole focus of this coming event. For a little history, two years ago, Apple used a March event to introduce the new iPad design in 2017. Then, they launched the updated version of the device against the backdrop of an iPad-focused education revamp last March.

This year, it looks like Apple will be using this event to debut their long-reported new premium News service. This should include content from several paid sources, as well as full integration of the Texture magazine service that Apple purchased last year. According to BuzzFeed, this should cost around $10 per month, similar to Apple Music.

It remains to be seen how this offering pans out, as there is always drama when Apple is involved. The rumor is that publishers are unhappy with the terms of this deal because Apple is looking to pocket up to 50% of the $10 per month fee. On top of this, Apple will not hand over user data to publishers because of its hardline stance on privacy.

Hopefully that 50% is just a bargaining position for Apple. If not, then this service may end up DOA. They have to have content to get off the ground, so publishers staying away from version one would be a big problem. Expect Apple to end up somewhere close to 30-35% rather than 50%, and for deals with several big boys of print media to get done.

Whatever happens, it is good to see event dates starting to appear and release hardware rumors pick up. That is the best sign that something is coming soon.  Hopefully we will get some good news about Apple lowering its percentage and coming to some big publisher agreements for News soon.

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