Apple Will Let Developers Attract Lapsed Subscribers With New Discounted iOS, macOS, and tvOS Subscriptions

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 25, 2019 in App Store, Apple News, News

Situations change. Like when Netflix hikes up its subscription cost. And sometimes when you sign up for a subscription it’s not something you can keep going a few months later.

Luckily, in most cases, canceling a subscription to a recurring service is pretty easy. But obviously developers would like you to come back. So enticing lapsed subscribers with sweet discounts might be a good way to do that. As was first noted on Monday by MacRumors, Apple has published a new document to App Store Connect detailing how app developers will soon be able to lure former subscribers with discounts.

Apple will let developers choose three different options for those lapsed subscribers they are trying to win back, which work the same way as promotions for new subscribers:

    Customers access your subscription for free for a specific duration — for example, a 30-day trial for a subscription with a standard renewal price of $4.99 per month.

    Pay As You Go
    Customers pay a promotional price for each billing period for a selected duration — for example, $1.99 per month for three months for a subscription with a standard renewal price of $9.99 per month.

    Pay Up Front
    Customers pay a one-time promotional price for a specific duration — for example, $9.99 for the first six months of a subscription with a standard renewal price of $39.99 per year.

These options will also be available to help retain customers, too. So if a subscriber goes through the process of canceling their subscription (or turning off auto-renewal), the developer can offer these options to help try and keep them around for a bit longer. Devs will have up to 10 different promotions at once to test things out.

Unsurprisingly, once the promotional offer expires, then the standard monthly subscription price will kick back in.

What do you think? When you’ve canceled a subscription in the past, would any one of these promotional offers have kept you around?

[via MacRumors; Apple]

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