Apple Will Fix This Siri Annoyance on the iPad in Future Release

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Jun 10, 2019 in iPadOS, News

Apple has fixed a lot of iOS pain points on the iPad with iPadOS 13. The new OS packs a number of changes and improvements which aim to make the iPad better at multitasking. However, one issue that remains is that triggering Siri on iPadOS 13 still covers the entire display thereby disrupting whatever work one is doing.

Juliano Rossi sent an email to Craig Federighi requesting Apple to ensure that when triggered, Siri does not take up the entire display but instead opens in a small banner-like form as it does on macOS. The SVP of Software Engineering at Apple replied back saying that’s a valid point and while this is not a change Apple could add at the last minute to iPadOS 13, they will consider it for a future release of the OS.

Apple likely needs to make some low-level changes to iPadOS to ensure that Siri shows up in the same banner-like form on an iPad as it does on macOS. This is perhaps why the company cannot add this change to iPadOS 13 despite it still being a few months away from its public release. Nonetheless, it is good to see Apple acknowledging the issue and promising to fix this pain point in a future iPadOS update.

We might just have to wait until iPadOS 14 for this change to show up but whenever it does, it would further improve the overall experience of using the iPad as triggering Siri would not unnecessarily block the entire display.

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