Cellular editions of the Apple Watch Series 4 models are now available for purchase to customers in European countries of Austria and Finland. In addition, these LTE watches are expected to launch soon in Israel.

Customers in Austria and Finland can purchase their Apple Watch Series 4 with LTE from Apple’s online store and select carriers, as well as from carriers A1 Telekom in Austria and Telia in Finland, according to MacRumors. Pricing starts at €529 in Austria and €539 in Finland, with some models estimated to ship within 4-6 business days.

As mentioned, Apple Watch Series 4 models with LTE are arriving in Israel later this week.

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LTE-enabled Apple Watch models are not by default available in all countries where their Wi-Fi counterparts are readily available because using cellular connectivity requires eSim support on carrier end. Also, covering the LTE and UMTS bands used around the world requires two separate models for Apple Watch Series 4 and three for Apple Watch Series 3.

There is no single model that supports roaming worldwide.

To see carriers and countries that offer LTE for Apple Watch, visit apple.com/watch/cellular.