Some doctors do not believe that the baked-in health features within the Apple Watch Series 4 are worthwhile for most people, but one can imagine those who have been informed of major heart issues wouldn’t agree.

Some of those doctors believe that the health-related features in the Apple Watch might be provoking some people to be extra worried for no reason. However, there is no denying that the latest variant of the Apple-branded smartwatch has not saved lives. We have heard three different stories since the Apple Watch Series 4 launched in late 2018, and now we have yet another strong case for health tracking in our devices.

As was reported by ABC 11 on Tuesday, Beth Stamps of North Carolina, was visiting a patient during her daily routine as a home nurse when she noticed that her heart rate was exceptionally high. According to the report, while standing still, Stamps’s heart rate was up to 177 bpm. Stamps says she was not able to get her heart rate to slow down, and felt like she had just “finished a marathon”.

Stamps coworkers actually called emergency services for Stamps. After a couple of days of testing, Stamps was diagnosed with what is called “supraventricular tachycardia”. This specific ailment is caused by improper electrical activity in the upper part of the heart. It can cause an abnormally fast heart rhythm.

According to Stamps, these symptoms have cropped up in the past, but have typically subsided. However, the fact that her Apple Watch was able to notify her that something was wrong, and make it clear as day, helped her get the assistance she needed. She is now following doctor-prescribed plans to help with the issue.

These type of health features are a good thing. The fact that it can work in the background and notify someone that something is wrong, even when they might not think anything is, can save lives. Just as we’ve seen multiple times already. And as Apple continues to improve the formula, the company’s CEO might be right. Health-related features may end up being Apple’s largest contribution.

[via ABC 11]

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