The Apple Watch wasn’t the instant hit that some thought it would be, but it did grow steadily through its first couple of years. Now that pace has picked up and the Watch can’t be thought of as anything but a huge success for Apple. They now own the smartwatch market the way they once owned portable music players.

If you have been looking at getting a Watch or have an older model and have been thinking about upgrading, Target has a sold deal for you this week. The 38mm Space Gray Apple Watch Series 3 GPS is on sale there for only $199.99. This is 29% off the normal retail price of $279.99. Target is also offering free 2-Day shipping on it, as well. Bear in mind that this is the only model, size and color on sale, and I’m pretty sure it’s online only.

While the Apple Watch Series 4 brought some really nice enhancements, it also isn’t cheap. If you don’t need the EKG feature and the Series 3’s slightly chunkier form factor isn’t a problem, then I highly recommend it. It has most of the same features and is a real deal at $199.99. If having the latest and greatest isn’t top priority, then don’t hesitate. Get a Watch this week before this sale ends.

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