According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo of TF International Securities, who is very reliable, Apple will introduce a new Apple Watch model this year featuring a ceramic casing while the ECG app will be coming to more countries.

“ECG supports developed for additional countries,” the analyst wrote in a note to clients obtained by MacRumors. “New ceramic casing design added,” reads the brief note. The report offered no additional details so it’s unclear whether the ceramic case will be limited to Series 5 or when the ECG app might be coming to new countries.

The ceramic casing design was introduced with Apple Watch Series 2 back in 2016. The company continued offering it when Series 3 watches released in 2017.

The most scratchable Apple product, the Jet Black iPhone 7, next to the least scratchable Apple product, Series 3 Edition.

It was ditched when Series 4 dropped last fall. Apple did not explain itself, just like it left us in the dark as to why it had quietly phased out gold-plated Edition watches.

Aside from being a hell of a lot cheaper than solid gold, ceramic is four times stronger than stainless steel. It is because of ceramic that the previous Apple Watch Series 3 Edition was called the most scratch-resistant Apple Watch.

Here’s Dom Esposito’s unboxing of his ceramic Series 3 model.

Apple has probably found a cheaper way to produce ceramic watch casings because Series 3 Edition cost a whopping $1,299 despite casing material being the only difference between it and regular models.

As for the ECG app, it requires an electrical heart rate sensor in Series 4. The FDA-regulated app is currently supported in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

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