Apple Sued by Patent Troll Seven Networks For Infringing 16 Patents

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Apr 11, 2019 in Apple News, News

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Patent troll Seven Networks has sued Apple in the Eastern District of Texas for infringing on 16 of its patents. The troll claims the patents infringed by Apple include Apple services, iCloud, iPhones, Macs, and all of Apple’s operating systems including iOS, tvOS, macOS, and more.

In a typical patent troll fashion, the only activity of Seven over the last few years has been to sue other companies.

As for the patents Seven accuses Apple of infringing, they include a broad set of aspects related to how smartphones and operating systems work. The full list of patents infringed by Apple as per Seven include the following

  • Method and Device for Power Saving for Downloading Files (#9,369,539)
  • Connection Architecture for a Mobile  Network
  • Mobile Device Power Management in Data Synchronization Over a Mobile Network (#9,438,550)
  • System and Method for Providing a Network Service in a Distributed Fashion to a Mobile Device (#9,473,914)
  • Intelligent Alarm Manipulator and Resource Tracker (#9,516,127)
  • Mobile Application Traffic Optimization (#9,603,056)
  • Multiple Data Store Authentication
  • Optimizing Mobile Network Traffic Coordination Across Multiple Applications Running On a Mobile Device
  • Mobile Device Configured for Communicating with Another Mobile Device Associated with an Associated User
  • System, Method, and Computer-Readable Medium For User Equipment Decision-Making Criteria For Connectivity and Handover (#9,648,557)
  • Secure End-To-End Transport Through Intermediary Nodes
  • Multiple Data Store Authentication
  • Messaging Centre for Forwarding E-mail
  • Predictive Fetching of Mobile Application Traffic
  • Connection Architecture for a Mobile  Network (#9,608,968)
  • Secure End-To-End Transport Through Intermediary Nodes

Apple is frequently sued by patent trolls over vague patents. While in most scenarios the company ends up winning the cases, there have been instances when it has ended on the losing side. The company is even shutting down its retail stores in Texas so as to ensure it does not remain an easy target for patent trolls as most of the cases are filed against it are from here.

[Via Patently Apple]

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