Apple is one of many companies that sees the potential of technology in classrooms. Now, the company is highlighting how teachers and students are taking advantage of it to create beautiful things.

In a new press release sent out on Wednesday, Apple is putting the spotlight on students and educators from the Huntington Beach Academy of Performing Arts (APA), in California. Apple says that this is just the first in a new series meant to highlight students and teachers as they use technology in the classroom in new and interesting ways.

The APA in Huntington Beach is a collection of programs that use technology to give students the chance to create beautiful things. That includes music and other pieces of art. Students can also learn the technical side of things, including audio recording, video production (using Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X), theater tech, and more.

Apple outlines how the audio controls in the theater are operated by an iPad, for instance.

In this spotlight, Apple shows a group of students who have written their own songs and perform them on stage. The program has grown to include 152 students since its inception over a decade ago. Students use Apple-branded hardware, along with software, to help them create the art they do. However, while technology is obviously an important part of the whole deal, it’s not all about the technology:

“We don’t just focus on the technology,” Knight said. “It’s that performing arts experience that gives them leadership skills, confidence, team work, all of those soft skills that businesses want. You have to perform to get that, and then when you marry that with the technology and you give the kids the ability to have a real recording studio to work with, they’re going to be the next Steven Spielberg, or the next Paul McCartney.”

The full spotlight is available through the source link below.

[via Apple]

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