Apple Showcases Depth Control in iPhone XS and iPhone XR in New Video

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 07, 2019 in Apple News, iPhone Xr, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, News

Apple is a fan of showing off the features of its iPhone lineup in quick videos, and it has added yet another one to the growing library.

On Thursday, Apple uploaded a single video to its YouTube channel, promoting the depth control feature present in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. The new video is entitled “The Backdrop”, and it measures in at just under 40 seconds. In the video we can see a very busy street, a conversation unfolding in a taxi, a food cart, and even pizza being delivered on a bike.

But then the focal point of the ad comes in, a young person posing for a photo. After the shot is taken we can watch as the background is blurred in decreasing and increasing values. The ad, as is par for the course, is well done in showing off the feature itself with above-average production values across the board.

Here is how Apple describes it:

“Depth Control on iPhone XS and iPhone XR allows you to adjust the depth of field to get the perfect amount of blur. Turning any background into a beautiful backdrop.”

The song in the new ad is “Tui” by FKJ.

And here’s the ad itself:

What do you think of the new spot?

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