Apple this past weekend shared five nicely done video tutorials through its official channel on YouTube that cover select software and hardware features of the iPhone.

The 15-second clips cover not only iPhone features like water resistance, unlocking apps with Face ID or selecting a different Live Photo key frame, but also chatting with a support assistant on the go and accessing boarding passes credit cards and tickets on the Lock screen.

Check them all out embedded right below.

Find the best shot within a moving photo by selecting a different key frame.
Use your face as your password to securely log into apps.
Survive the accidental spill on your phone.
Chat with an expert in real-time.
Easily access your boarding pass, credit cards and tickets.

The above clips are in addition to the five videos Apple shared four days ago, covering other iPhone features such as Do Not Disturb While Driving, AirDrop, SpeakScreen, Photos search and Safari Reader Mode.

Have your phone read articles, novels or magazines to you as you read along.
Easily share files from one iPhone to another, even without Wi-Fi or data.
Automatically turn off your notifications when you’re behind the wheel.
Easily find the photo you’re looking for by searching by subject, person or location.
Enjoy a better and cleaner reading experience.

And finally, two weeks ago we saw the following video tutorials from Apple.

Compose in strong light and shadow, then adjust the exposure down for a dramatic new look.
Trim your video down to the very best moment. Learn to easily edit out what doesn’t help tell the story.
Discover the benefit of using the grid overlay. It helps you frame and compose any shot in a surprisingly powerful way.
Learn how to compress time in your videos. Just switch to Time-Lapse and speed things up a little.
Live Photos gives you a series of frames for every shot you take. Slide to choose the moment you like best.
Use Depth Control while shooting in Portrait mode to selectively add more impact to your subject.
Switch to Stage Light Mono in Portrait mode and shoot striking black-and-white photos with dramatic stage lighting.
Search is a powerful way to quickly find all sorts of subjects in your photos and videos by name.

You can find all of the iPhone video tutorials on Apple’s website at To explore additional iPhone photography tips, tricks and techniques from Apple, point your favorite browser at

Apple also recently published a new “iPhone can do what?” microsite whose aim is to educate would-be customers on some of the benefits of owning an iPhone.