Apple this morning released some new imagery as part of its ongoing #ShotOniPhone campaign on social media, featuring gorgeous clips of nature from around the world.

Like with the company’s recent mini-films, this one was commissioned by Apple itself. Titled “Don’t mess with Mother,” the footage was recorded by three film directors—Anson Fogel, Renan Ozturk and Tim Kemple, who go by the name The Camp4 Collective.

The videos were filmed with the iPhone XS cameras.

Song: “Last Rites” by Megadeth

“Earth. Shot on iPhone by Camp4 Collective, featuring stunning images of nature from around the world. Don’t mess with Mother,” reads the description.

Apple’s earlier mini-films featured whale shark research, Cuban beaches, Toronto Maple Leafs’ right winger Mitch Marner, a teenage athlete from American Samoa and more.

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