Today is iPad Pro day on Apple’s official YouTube channel, apparently. Aside from a new short film celebrating whale shark conservation efforts in the Maldives, Apple is publishing a variety of new videos about its newest tablet.

First up, a handful of new tutorial videos for the iPad Pro. All of them measure in just over one minute in length (the shortest comes in at 1:11, and the longest clocking in at 1:22). The first video the company uploaded is all about using the iPad Pro to travel, whether it’s taking notes, 3D flyovers in Apple Maps on the big screen, or watching content on the device while you’re on a flight.

Here’s the description:

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to travel. Plan your trip with Notes, fly over your destinations in 3D, entertain yourself on the flight, and send your loved ones a handwritten note with Apple Pencil.

iPad Pro. Your new favorite travel companion.”

And the tutorial video:

Next up, “A new way to make music” on the iPad Pro. Apple’s description:

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to make music. Record a sound, pitch it, warp it, add FX with a touch, jam with a friend, and drop it directly to your fans.

iPad Pro. A recording studio in your hands.”

And the one minute, 18-second long tutorial video:

Third, Apple showcases how easy it can be to create a video with the iPad Pro:

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to make a video. Shoot in 4K, import from your gear with USB-C, edit videos on the fly, hand-draw animations, and publish straight to YouTube.

iPad Pro. Your ultimate mobile studio.”

This video is one the shorter side of the mix:

Want to start a business? Well, the iPad Pro can help you with that, too:

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to start your business. Write a business plan, design a logo from scratch to place on business cards, launch a website, and make your first sale.

iPad Pro. Your new business partner.”

Let’s go to the (digital) tape:

And, finally, we have wedding planning on your iPad Pro:

“iPad Pro gives you a new way to plan your wedding. Get inspired, organize and delegate tasks, design an invitation, and make changes on the fly.

iPad Pro. Your new wedding planner.”

Let’s see it:

There is only one new actual advertisement for the new iPad Pro included in the mix. This one’s entitled Life on iPad, and clocks in at just 38 seconds in length. In this video we get to see how the iPad Pro can be used to create, some magic hands working with the new Smart Keyboard, Face ID, multitasking (and avoiding other pedestrians), Group FaceTime for good measure, and more.

Here’s the description:

“With iPad Pro, get the power and portability you need to do it all on the go.”

And the ad:

Quite a bit of video content today!