Apple has been working to build up its original streaming content, landing huge deals with movie and TV stars, as well as big partnerships with production companies like A24.

But while we have heard a lot about the various films and series coming to the streaming platform, Apple has yet to actually announce when, and how, viewers can actually watch that content. Today, CNBC is reporting that apple is currently planning to launch the streaming service in either April or May of this year, leaning more towards the former if all things go right.

This report echoes what we have heard in the past, in regard to third-party services being offered with the original content as well. Basically, Apple is aiming to launch a plethora of original films and TV series, however it will also be aiming to get third-party content providers to offer their services in “channels”. Think of it like Amazon Prime’s Video Channels, with Amazon’s healthy stable of original content being bolstered by third-party add-ons like Showtime and others.

“Apple is aiming to launch service in April or early May. It will allow customers to sign up for existing digital streaming products and watch them in the iOS TV application, similar to Amazon’s Prime Video Channels. Apple wants to simplify the viewing experience for those who watch video on their mobile devices by housing content in one application instead of a variety of company-specific apps.”

However, it does not sound like Apple’s negotiations for a lot of these third-party services is going well. According to CNBC, HBO has not signed onto the deal because the company’s executives are not thrilled with the planned revenue sharing Apple wants in place. That would be the standard 30% cut that Apple has always demanded, per customer.

“HBO may join its premium network brethren but isn’t as far along in discussions with Apple, one of the people said. Apple hasn’t offered HBO the same terms that Amazon offered, said the person.”

In addition to that, Netflix and Hulu aren’t expected to sign up with Apple, either. That isn’t too much of a surprise, though, as other channel offerings of this nature, including Amazon’s, don’t offer access to Hulu or Netflix, either. That would have been a pretty massive win on Apple’s part if it could bundle in Netflix and Hulu, though.

Apple is rumored to be hosting an event on March 25, which is supposed to be “services-focused”. It was previously rumored that Apple’s negotiations for its upcoming Apple News subscription service is not going well, either, as Apple is demanding 50% revenue split with publishers. That event is expected to focus on Apple News, but it could also serve as the announcement for Apple’s original content streaming service as well.

[via CNBC]

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