Apple today released the iOS 12.1.4 update with an emergency fix for the embarrassing bug in the group FaceTime feature that enabled anyone to eavesdrop on private conversations.

To install the new software over the air, venture into Settings → General → Software Update on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and following the onscreen instructions.

Having surfaced last week, the eavesdropping flaw prompted a swift reaction on Apple’s part as the company immediately disabled group FaceTime until a fix was delivered.

As it turns out, the privacy flaw affected the group FaceTime feature, allowing anyone to hear or even see the other person before they picked up the call simply by adding them to the group call. The other person wasn’t even aware that the caller could hear them.

Ironically, this bug raised its ugly head on Data Privacy Day.

Apple is now getting sued over the privacy snafu by a Houston lawyer who claims his iPhone inadvertently allowed someone to eavesdrop on a sworn testimony.

For more information, read the changelog on Apple’s website. Details on the security content of this software update can be found in Apple’s support document.

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