Apple Reduces HomePod Price by $50 to $299

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Apr 04, 2019 in HomePod, News


More than a year after it went on sale, Apple has reduced the price of its Siri-powered smart speaker, HomePod, by $50.

While the HomePod was previously available for $349 in the United States, it now retails for $299. It has received a similar price cut in other parts of the world where it is available.

The price cut is unlikely to have any major impact on the sales of HomePod as the smart speaker significantly lags behind the likes of Google Home and Amazon’s Echo speakers in terms of functionality. Plus retailers like Best Buy and B&H frequently discount the HomePod by $100.

The HomePod excels in terms of sound quality as it rivals far more expensive speakers in this department. But in terms of smartness and usefulness, Siri on the HomePod is far behind Google Assistant and Alexa. Apple has rolled out a few updates to HomePod OS since the speaker’s release in 2018 to improve its usability but it still has a lot of area to cover.

Will this price cut be enough for you to buy the HomePod over Google Home or Amazon Echo?

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