Apple Pay continues to expand across Europe, and further out, as support for the mobile payment option arrives at banks like Westpac, ING, Bank Millennium, and more.

Apple has garnered support for its mobile payment option in a variety of new banks across Europe and in New Zealand recently. One of the more notable new additions is Westpac in New Zealand, because that particular banking establishment has denied Apple Pay access to its customers in Australia in the past. The bank has said in the past that it is “open” to the idea of Apple Pay support at a later date, though, so perhaps support in New Zealand is an indication things will change in Australia, too.

For Westpac customers in New Zealand, if you use Apple Pay five times over the course of the next month, the bank will give you back $10 and donate $10 to charity as well.

Meanwhile, across Europe, there are new banks in several different countries. In Spain, for instance, ING now supports Apple Pay for customers. And in Germany, banking customers at Viabuy and Consors Finanz can now use Apple Pay. Bank Millennium in Poland, Arbejdernes Landsbank and Spar Nord in Norway, and Aktia in Finald now support the mobile payment option as well.

Monese customers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom also have support.

Danske Bank, where available, will add Apple Support later this year.

Back in February, Apple Pay arrived in the Czech Republic. And the mobile payment option is still slated to arrive in Greece, Portugal, Austria, Estonia, and others in the near future. And for customers in the United States who are interested in a brand new Apple-branded credit card, the Apple Card launches later this year.

Our Take

So, good news for folks who use these banking establishments who have been waiting for Apple Pay support to arrive. The mobile payment option is one of the biggest services that Apple has to offer these days, and it is obviously one of the most popular mobile payments out there right now.

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