Apple Pay iPhone X 2

Apple Pay is already available in a lot of places, but there is still plenty of room to expand. That includes with some popular apps like Ticketmaster, and at more sporting events across the U.S. (and globally, eventually). Sounds like Apple is addressing these openings soon.

Following the company’s latest quarterly earnings report, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, took questions and provided additional details during the follow-up earnings call. Apple Pay is one of the company’s most prominent services, and Apple is looking to expand it in a big way. That starts with better support from Ticketmaster.

Cook confirmed that Ticketmaster, one of the leading services when it comes to people buying tickets for major events, will be expanding support for the mobile payment option in its app and on the web. That change should be happening soon, but no exact timeframe was provided.

In addition to that, Apple Pay is expanding in stadiums, at least as far as the National Football League is concerned. Cook said that Apple Pay support will expand within NFL stadiums in time for the newest season to kick off.

And, finally, lining up with earlier reports, the public transit presence, MTA, in New York City, New York, is planning on rolling out support soon as well. Cook says that Apple Pay will rollout for MTA passengers in “early July”, but didn’t dig any deeper. When it does go live, it will allow travelers to use their iPhone or Apple Watch to secure a ride.

Finally, Cook said that Apple Pay use has doubled when compared to last year.