Apple Pay Now Available in Iceland

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on May 08, 2019 in Apple Pay

Following the launch of Apple Pay in Austria last month, Apple has now expanded Apple Pay to Iceland. Apple Pay is now available in a total of 34 countries worldwide.

At launch, Apple Pay in Iceland is supported by two banks: Landsbankinn and Arion banki. If you own an iPhone 6 or higher, you can add a credit/debit card from one of the two supported banks before you can start using Apple Pay. The mobile payment service is also going to be available for Apple Watch and owners of new Macs featuring Touch ID.

Apple is next expected to launch Apple Pay in Portugal and The Netherlands. It was revealed back in March itself that Apple is planning to expand Apple Pay to more European countries. Since then, we have seen the company launch its mobile payment service in Austria and its imminent launch being teased in the Netherlands.

Our Take

Apart from expanding the regions where Apple Pay is supported, Apple is also working on expanding the number of supported retailers and banks. The latter is equally important because Apple Pay needs to be accepted almost everywhere for a consumer to stick to it. It won’t really inspire confidence in them if they are always second-guessing themselves as to whether a particular store supports Apple Pay or not before making a transaction.

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