Apple Pay rumored to launch in Czech Republic soon

Apple Pay is in a lot of places all around the globe, but the company is still aiming to launch in several different markets.

According to a local report from, Apple Pay may launch in the Czech Republic on Tuesday, February 19. The information was provided to the publication from an unnamed source that reportedly worked for a company that is helping to launch Apple Pay in the market. From the report, loosely translated:

“First, according to the information available, Apple Pay clients of Komerční banka, MONETY, Česká spořitelna, Air Bank and mBank. In addition, the five banks will complement the non-bank Twisto service, which is increasingly popular among Bohemia. Other banks would come with Apple Pay support this year, but the exact date is unlikely to be the same. For example, ČSOB has been told several times that Apple Pay will be offering its clients in the last quarter of this year. But it’s hard to say how swift her competition will be.”

As noted in the report, there will be five banks that offer Apple Pay support right out of the gate (Komerční banka, MONETY, Česká spořitelna, Air Bank and mBank), but there are more expected to adopt support for the mobile payment option at a later date. Nothing is official at the time of publication, and plans may change, but the local paper does seem confident in the launch.

However, this is not the first time that this kind of story has cropped up. In June of last year, for instance, it was reported that the Czech Republic would be getting support for Apple Pay later that summer. Obviously that did not happen. As the original report makes clear, though, many citizens in the Czech Republic are eagerly awaiting the mobile payment option’s arrival, so perhaps the wait is finally almost over.

In related Apple Pay news, the Los Angeles Metro Transit system will reportedly add support for the mobile payment option sometime before the end of the year. And, in the United States, Target –among other businesses– finally supports Apple Pay as well.


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