Target, one of the few major remaining Apple Pay holdouts in the United States, has kicked off a staggered rollout of Apple’s mobile payments system over the weekend. The retailer previously said it planned to accept Apple Pay at all of its stores in the coming weeks.

Target customers who have mobile payment set up in the Wallet app can hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the card reader at checkout to complete their purchase.

Appleosophy has the story:

It has now been confirmed to us that Apple Pay is now being accepted in Target retail stores. Previously, only their iOS app accepted it, which could be used for both online orders and items to be picked up in their stores once you paid through the app. However, now you can pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch in their retail stores.

According to Reddit, this was only available at a few Target locations at post time, indicating a staggered rollout. Twitter user @Yartctls34 shared this photo showing the feature in action.

The article explains:

In the photo, you can see the green dots across the top of the screen where it says ‘Swipe Card Now.’ This indicates that the near field communication (NFC) is turned on, which will allow for devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch to read, take and accept your payment.

Like before, customers can use Target’s iOS app to pay with their REDcard credit or device card for a cool five percent off all purchases, as well as save money with Cartwheel deals, access Weekly Ad coupons, store and redeem their Target GiftCards and more.

In addition to Apple Pay, Target stores will also accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay as well as contactless cards from Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover in all stores.

Apple is also gearing up to launch Apple Pay across Taco Bell, Speedaway and other top merchants in the United States. 74 of the top 100 US merchants now accept Apple’s mobile payment solution.

Let us know in the comments if Apple Pay is working in your local Target store.