Apple Patent Application Points to AR Headset That Works with iPhone

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Mar 01, 2019 in Apple Patents, News

A new Apple patent hints at the company working on an AR headset that will work with the iPhone. The patent was first filed by Apple in August 2018 and describes an AR headset being used alongside an iPhone in an AR environment.

The patent envisions a number of scenarios including one where the user is wearing the headset and immersed in an augmented reality environment and using the iPhone as a touch-sensitive surface to interact with the AR environment. The patent application envisions Apple users using the AR headset for image editing, email, video calls, and other such purposes.

Apple AR Patent

There have been rumors and reports of Apple working on an AR headset. A detailed leak from over a year ago claimed that Apple was working on a standalone AR/VR headset featuring two 8K displays. Codenamed T288, the report hinted at 2020 being a possible launch timeframe for the headset. It would be powered by a custom OS called ‘rOS’ and a powerful custom chip for improved efficiency and integration.

Apple is already investing heavily in AR. With iOS 11, it debuted ARKit and has refined it even further in iOS 12. While AR apps and games have not really taken off as many might have expected, Apple understands that this is a long-term play and regular and meaningful improvements over a period of time will help in increasing AR/VR adoption among consumers.

Do you use any AR-based apps on a regular basis on your iPhone or iPad?

[Via Patently Apple]

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