Apple Now Offering Free Data Migration When You Buy a New Mac or Get a Repair

Posted by Evan Selleck on Apr 09, 2019 in Apple News, Mac, News

Handling data migration can be quick and easy, or a relatively long process depending on the individual. Up to this point, Apple has charged to handle that on its own. But now, the company has dropped the fee for folks buying a new Mac or getting a repair.

TidBits was first with the report on Tuesday. The publication states that Apple has dropped the fee it used to charge to handle data migration for customers. Up to this point, Apple would charge $99 to migrate data from an old Mac to a new model purchased by a customer. The new change was implemented earlier this month, and is now live across Apple’s physical retail stores.

An Apple Store Operations Specialist confirmed the change to policy:

“Beginning April 2, there will be no cost for Data Migrations with the purchase of a new Mac or Data Transfers with a repair.”

Depending on the individual and the amount of information they have/want to transfer, this is a process that can take a bit of time. With that in mind, if you do plan on doing a data migration for a new laptop, or as part of an out-of-warranty repair, make sure you’ve carved out time in the day as needed.

Our Take

It’s good to see Apple make this change. Charging $100 is a bit of a steep price to migrate data, even if it does make the process a lot easier for customers who need that type of service.

[via TidBits]

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