Apple News+, an all-you-can-eat digital magazine subscription service the iPhone maker launched last month, is about to start charging users who signed up for a free 30-day trial the regular monthly fee of ten bucks.

Apple News+ became available on March 25 following Apple’s “It’s Showtime” event that saw other services-related announcements, too.

Those who signed up for a free trial on March 25 will see it officially expire tomorrow, April 25, at which point Apple News+ is going to charge their payment method. If you signed up for a free trial just to see what Apple News+ has to offer and aren’t planning on using the paid service, cancel your trial now to avoid getting charged.

To do so, launch the News app and tap the Following tab on iPhone (on iPad, scroll to the bottom of the side bar; on your Mac, click the File menu and choose Manage Subscriptions).

Now tap Magazine Subscriptions and choose Apple News+, then select Cancel Free Trial.

You will now be presented with a warning message saying cancelling the trial will end the service immediately.”You will lose access to hundreds of magazines,” reads the prompt.

Tap Confirm to immediately cancel your trial and stop using Apple News+.

If you’ve changed your mind and would like to retain “access to hundreds of magazines” on Apple News+, tap Not Now and you’ll be charged as specified in your subscription settings.

Nice wording, Apple!

An estimated 200,000 people signed up for the free trial in the first 48 hours of availability, which is more than Texture (which Apple acquired to build Apple News+) ever had, so it’ll be interesting seeing how many free trials Apple manages to convert into paid accounts.

So, who’s planning on keeping their Apple News+ subscription?

I know I will. I love magazines and ten bucks per month barely buys you access to a single digital magazine so this is a no-brainer for me.

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