Apple Music Subscribers Can Gift One-Month Free Subscription to Friends

Posted by Rajesh Pandey on Feb 16, 2019 in Apple Music, News

After offering former Apple Music subscribers a free three-month trial and a four-month extended trial during Grammys, Apple is now allowing existing Apple Music subscribers to gift a free month of Apple Music subscription to their friend or family.

The company is sending out push notifications to existing Apple Music subscribers using an iPhone or iPad. Tapping the notification allows one to enter their friend or family’s name and email ID to send them an invitation to try out the service.

If you send an invite to someone who has never used Apple Music before, they will be able to enjoy the Apple Music trial for four months. This includes the free three month trial along with an additional month as a part of the invite. And if someone has already used their Apple Music trial before, they will be able to use the service for a month for free.

It is clear that Apple is aggressively pushing Apple Music to more users to get them to subscribe to the service. Apple Music is already growing at a very fast pace and such aggressive promotion from Apple is only going to increase its user base further. It is also surprising to see Apple use its own system apps to push promotional notifications to users while forbidding third-party developers from doing the same.

Have you received any such notification from Apple Music?

[Via MacRumors]

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