Apple’s music-streaming service may soon be support on Google Home and other third-party speakers that support Google Assistant, as well as Smart Displays and Android TV devices.

That’s according to MacRumors reader Jason who has managed to unearth evidence of upcoming Apple Music support in the Google Home app for iPhone.

In previous versions of Google’s software, Apple Music was listed in a separate ‘limited availability’ section of the app and also ‘Only available on iOS devices’.

The updated listing suggests that Apple could soon make Apple Music an available option for Google Assistant-powered playback on Google Home devices.

While Apple Music currently cannot be linked to a Google Home speaker— and the Assistant responds to commands for Apple Music with “Voice actions aren’t available for that app”—this integration is going live soon or otherwise it wouldn’t be present in the Google Home app.

Apple Music is listed alongside existing third-party services that can already be used in conjunction with Google speakers and the Assistant, just like Google’s own YouTube Music and Play Music service as well as Spotify, Pandora and Deezer in the United States.

When officially available, Apple Music integration will make it possible to use Assistant voice commands to control Apple Music playback on Google Home speakers, Android TVs, Smart Displays and third-party Assistant speakers.

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On iOS, users will set this up in the Google Home app → Settings → Music. Android customers will need to venture into Assistant settings → Services → Music.

As of December 2018, Apple’s music service is available on Amazon’s Echo range.