Apple Music Deleted Songs

You jump in the car for your drive home from the office or get geared up for your workout and open the Music app for some cool tunes on your iPhone. But wait a minute, the songs are gone! Where did they go and how do you get them back?

You’re not alone. If Apple Music deleted all of your songs, try this fix and hopefully you’ll be movin’ and groovin’ in no time.

Get your deleted songs back

Others in the Apple Community forum have had this same thing happen to them. Try this fix to get your deleted songs from Apple Music back.

1) Open the Settings on your device.

2) Select Music.

3) Make sure that you have both Apple Music and iCloud Music Library enabled. Both of these settings are required to see all of your songs.

Music Settings Apple Music iCloud Music Library

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Wrapping it up

Hopefully this fix helps you get your deleted songs back into the Music app, let us know! And if you have tips you’d like to share with our readers for the Music app, you can leave a comment below or hit us up on Twitter.