Apple may show off its new subscription services March 25

Steve Jobs Theater
The new Steve Jobs Theater
Photo: Duncan Sinfield
The first big Apple media event of 2019 has supposedly gotten an official date.

Apple has reportedly scheduled a keynote to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater at the end of March, but don’t expect to see any major hardware announcements.

BuzzFeed reports that Apple plans to unveil new services at a March 25th event at Apple Park. The new subscription service will supposedly be the headlining feature, even though reports today indicate not all news publishers are on board with Apple’s proposed revenue split.

2019 is already shaping up to be the year Apple goes all-in on services with a number of new offerings. BuzzFeed’s sources wouldn’t comment on whether Apple’s video streaming service will be ready for a March 25th unveiling. They did, however, state that the rumored iPad mini 5, cheaper 10-inch iPad and AirPods 2.0 won’t make an appearance.

Apple goes all-in on Services

Services have become an increasingly important revenue stream for Apple. The company is supposedly planning to offer subscriptions for news, magazines, games, and TV to go with Apple Music, Apple Pay and other services.

Apple’s new subscription service will allegedly offer customers unlimited access to news articles for $10 per month. Publishers will share 50% of the revenue generated based on how much time readers spend engaged with their content. Apple will take the other 50% of revenue.

It’s unclear if magazine subscriptions will be offered as part of the package. Apple acquired the magazine-subscription app Textures last year and is rumored to be planning to integrate it into its services offerings.

Apple has hosted events in March for a number of years. Hosting the news conference on Monday the 25th means there’s still time for the focus to change if publishers push back on Apple’s proposed revenue split. Making services the main focus would be a big change for Apple event and might make it feel a bit thin on new stuff. There’s always a possibility that the company still plans to unveil new hardware, but it won’t take up as much of the spotlight as usual.