Apple is Going to Compensate the Teenager Who Discovered the Group FaceTime Audio Bug; Also Fixed Live Photos Security Bug

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 07, 2019 in Apple News, FaceTime, News

FaceTime Group Video Calling 2

Today, Apple released iOS 12.1.4 to the public. The new software is designed to patch the audio bug in Group FaceTime that allows for easy eavesdropping.

That particular bug was actually discovered by a teenager that was trying to use the Group FaceTime feature to connect with other people to play some games. And while the mother of that teenager tried to get in touch with Apple multiple times, including by fax, the company went unaware of that effort and the bug itself until it broke the news cycle. Apple eventually apologized for the issue and, as of right now, has patched the issue.

It was previously reported that an Apple executive met with the teenager who discovered the bug, but there was still some questions surrounding the possibility of the family being compensated for discovering the security issue. Now, though, The Verge has confirmed that Apple will indeed be compensating the teenager and the family.

Apple will be providing a compensation of an unknown amount of money for discovering the bug and informing Apple of the situation. In addition to that, Apple will be doling out an additional gift to fund the teenager’s tuition for school.

That’s not all, though. Apple has also confirmed that the iOS 12.1.4 patch also includes a fix for a previously undisclosed security vulnerability tied to Live Photos:

“This includes a previously unidentified vulnerability in the Live Photos feature of FaceTime. To protect customers who have not yet upgraded to the latest software, we have updated our servers to block the Live Photos feature of FaceTime for older versions of iOS and macOS.”

It’s good news that Apple is compensating this family, especially considering they went so far out of their way to try and inform the company of the major security bug. In addition to that, it’s also good to see that the company fixed another security-related bug before it became major news.

[via The Verge]

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