For the first time in the history of Apple, iPhone 14 price is leaked. The Cupertino giant is well known for keeping the price of its upcoming iPhone models under the wrap until the last moment. However, the confidence and credible history of the person behind the leak doesn’t allow the leaked price of iPhone 14 go unnoticed.

A leak or not, people following the Apple iPhone pricing strategy for a long can agree on one thing: iPhone 14 models are expected to be more expensive than their predecessors. This time, however, Apple has decided to shock all of us.

An anonymous leaker, Lanzuk, has claimed that Apple has decided to refrain from hiking up the launch price of iPhone 14 base model. The decision was taken at the top executive level.

What about the credibility of the information? It’s pretty high, given Lanzuk’s proven track record, especially regarding Apple.

Lanzuk explained that Apple’s decision was influenced by global mobile market stagnation and demand decline, so the price of the base iPhone model remains the same despite the company dealing with factors that push the cost up.

So what are the factors that have a direct impact on the price of iPhone 14 models?

Few other leakers have detailed that factors such as the increase of component prices due to shortages and Apple upgrading critical components of the iPhone 14 line-up are the primary ones playing a major role in the price of the iPhone going up. The new front-facing camera module by LG Innotek has a significant impact on the price. If we believe in leaks, it is three times more expensive than its predecessor.

Undoubtedly, Lanzuk is well aware of the disbelief and shock waves it could send to the market. He emphasizes that his source is quite reliable and belongs to a major US financial institution.

It’s worth noting that Lanzuk has earned creditability in the market when it comes to leaks related to Apple. Although just like everyone, he has his own share of hit and miss, he delivered many accurate leaks about both Apple and Samsung devices, especially in the past year.

If Lanzuk’s claim is based on some rock-solid sources, it hints that the price of iPhone 14 will not go beyond $799, contesting the expectations of $899. It also indicates that the new iPhone 14 Max might be $100 cheaper and would be price tagged with $899. These prices seem justified given Apple’s determination to widen the performance gap to iPhone 14 Pro models, which are expected to see a price hike this year.

But the price of iPhone 14 Pro Max, the top-end model of the series, may still jump up to $1199, considering Apple is expected to introduce a few major upgrades and enhancements that would only be available in the top model of the upcoming series.

There is another reason that makes Lanzuk’s claim believable. Rumors have claimed Apple will discontinue iPhone 13 Mini this year. Despite the lukewarm response received by iPhone 13 Mini in the market, it’s still one of the major attractions among prospective buyers. By not increasing the price of iPhone 14 base model, Apple’s strategy would be to present it as an obvious success of iPhone 13 Mini, currently, price tagged at $699 only. The difference of just $100 is expected to go unnoticed. Similarly, the $899 iPhone 14 Max will replace a $799 iPhone 13. These increases in screen sizes make the scenario more favorable for Apple to market these models to customers.

But the question is, will the iPhone 14 lineup be worth the price? Be it iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, the Pro models have the best design, camera, and performance upgrades to lure customers. However, if you already have an iPhone belonging to 12 or 13 series, considering the fact that Apple would possibly make a transition from Lightning to USB-C in 2023, it may be worth waiting for iPhone 15.

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