Apple Improves Siri’s Female British Voice on HomePod and iOS

Posted by Evan Selleck on Mar 05, 2019 in HomePod, News, Siri

Back in February, Apple quietly updated the male Siri voices in the United Kingdom and Australia.

And now the company is updating the female Siri voice as well. However, it looks like the change is only taking place in the United Kingdom for now. In this case, the update is server-side, so it doesn’t require any software updates on the end user’s side. For those in the UK and who use the region-specific voice for Siri, they may start to hear the change beginning today. The change is present both on the HomePod and iOS.

The change is similar to what we saw earlier this year with the male voice. Meaning, the updated female Siri voice is the same voice, but with better nuance. The goal is to make Siri sound more natural, whether you’re using the male or female voice. Apple started that goal back in 2017 with the launch of iOS 11.

Last month, the change to the male Siri voice was described as being only available in the specific region. So even if you are in the United States and use the British Siri voice, the update won’t be present. However, at the time of publication it is unknown if this is the same situation for the female British voice or not. It more than likely is.

Apple will more than likely continue to tweak the voice of Siri all over the globe. However, it is worth noting here that this is not updating Siri’s capabilities in any way. Just the voice is becoming more natural.

[via 9to5Mac]

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