Apple Hires Obstetrician Dr. Christine Curry as it Focuses on Women’s Health

Posted by Evan Selleck on Feb 07, 2019 in Apple Rumors, Health, News

Dr. Christine Curry reportedly joins Apple

The Apple Watch is a successful device for the company behind it, due in part for its significant health-related features.

The latest iteration of the smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 4, for instance, added an ECG app to keep even better tabs on heart conditions. And Apple as a whole sees the health field, and the impact the company can have on it and its users, as one of the most important contributions it will have on the world’s population. So a new report from CNBC detailing a new hire to focus on women’s health shouldn’t be too surprising.

According to the report, Apple recently hired obstetrician Dr. Christine Curry in a focused effort on women’s health:

“Apple has hired dozens of doctors to work across a variety of projects, including its so-called ‘AC Wellness clinics’ for Apple employees and its health-tracking Apple Watch. Curry has a particular interest in women’s health, but she’ll be working on various issues across the health teams, one of the people said.”

At the time of publication, however, Dr. Curry has yet to update her connected LinkedIn profile to reflect any sort of change in career. In the past, Dr. Curry has been the “go-to doctor for pregnant women”, especially those inflicted by the Zika virus in Southern Florida.

This sounds like a huge hire for Apple if it is indeed true. Apple continues to make big strides in the health-related field, so this is obviously a major focal point for the company. Will it work out? It seems to be so far.

[via CNBC]

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