We used to rely on creativity and technical chops of drone pilots like Duncan Sinfield to visualize progress at the Apple Park site during its multi-year construction phase. Now that the facility is complete there’s no more need for drone videos—however, Duncan this morning posted an interesting flyover of the new headquarters showing a new event stage in the center of the ring-shaped building with a rainbow arch and multiple lights.

Give Duncan’s excellent drone clip, embedded below, a quick watch.

MacRumors speculates as to the nature of the stage.

The main ring-shaped building has all of its completed landscaping, and the video also shows off auxiliary buildings like the Steve Jobs Theater and on-campus parking structures. Hundreds of trees cover the interior and exterior of the ring-shaped building, and there’s a large central pond. Everything is looking lush and green thanks to heavy rains in the Bay Area over the course of the last few months.

Of particular interest is an event stage with a rainbow arch and multiple lights that’s located right in the middle of the campus. It’s not clear what this is for, but it’s likely an upcoming employee-only concert event of some sort, as visitors to the site aren’t allowed onto the campus.

Here’s another look at said stage.

Apple is known for throwing beer bashes and other employee events every now and then. As MacRumors noted, the next such event may take place this coming Friday, May 17, when Apple Park’s Visitor’s Center (shown on the image top of post in the bottom-right corner) will be closed.

What else has changed since Duncan’s last video?

If you spot other noteworthy changes, drop a comment down below.