Apple’s recently-announced settlement with Qualcomm didn’t come cheap, according to UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri. In a research note released Thursday, Arcuri said the iPhone-maker likely paid between $5 and $6 billion to put a stop to the bevy of legal battles between the two companies.

That one-time payment should cover the royalty payments Apple stopped making several months ago when it and Qualcomm first entered litigation. Additionally, Arcuri estimates that Apple has also agreed to pay Qualcomm between $8 and $9 in royalties per iPhone—up from the $7.50 it was paying.

As we reported, on Tuesday Apple and Qualcomm reached a six-year licensing agreement, putting an end to a years-long legal battle that spanned multiple continents. Shortly after the announcement of the deal, Intel issued a press release proclaiming its exit from the 5G smartphone modem space.

Source: CNBC